Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wanted - Artist Seeks View of the City (NYC)

Thank you all who responded to my last posting, I appreciate everyones thoughts and especially those who let me visit. If I haven't scheduled visiting yet, I will be in touch.

Currently, I am busy preparing towards the fall, here is a glimpse into the studio. I have added 2 new images which will be in the show in September to the website.

I am still searching for new materials, and am hoping that you might be able to help. Do you live in NYC? Do you have a breathtaking view of the city, or have access to your rooftop? Ever think to yourself that looks like one of Kim's paintings?

If so, I would love to take a look, I prefer older aged weathered buildings and to view them different times of day. I am preparing to visit NYC next week in hopes to meet new faces and find new subjects.

If you have any recommendations, please email

Looking Out, 2009
24" X 24"
oil on canvas


amber said...

Your way of painting is absolutely fantastic. I'm a painter as well I paint with palette knives. The brush doesn't interest me much,but you have found a way to blurr things and let go of detail in the right areas
My name is Amber Lounder and my blog is called Visual Literacy.
Your work is truely inspiring! said...

Thank you Amber, I am happy to hear that my artwork is inspiring to you.

Unknown said...

amazing set of new paintings mr. cogan, made me decide to go out and sketch tomorrow :)

Unknown said...

Desole d'ecrire en francais, j'espere que le message passera:
J'etais a la recherche d'inspiration depuis un certains temps pour peindre les toits de Beirut - ville que j'habite - et j'ai enfin trouve la voie a suivre en decouvrant votre oeuvre dans "Americain Artists". Je suis emerveille par votre facon de traiter a la fois les details et l'ensemble du sujet. Merci ... Mille Mercis.