Monday, April 28, 2008


Good to take a break, waves were good and enjoyed some of the nice weather.

Recently, I did a guest visit and spoke to Kevin Moore's senior class at the Academy. It was great seeing Kevin and all the new upcoming minds at work.

Getting back in the studio I added a new light setup, so now when I work in the evening, I can actually see true colors that I am painting.

Started some new paintings, some events coming up, check back soon.


Kate said...

Hey Kim, I'm interested to know about your new evening lamp set up. It's been an issue for me too, my whitest white always look yellow. What have you got now? said...

Now I have 3 48" T12 fixtures overhead emitting natural daylight to suit the studio in the evening. 2 other lamps are angled 45 degrees from the canvas to knock out shadows.

The studio is now pretty bright on the block so I keep the shades drawn. Hope this helps, good luck!

B-Muse said...

Still the insanely proud owner of your "Noriega Tree" painting. Heatwave is back, hopefully the surf will cooperate. Take care.