Sunday, May 27, 2012

Board Art Benefit For Surfaid International

Sunset Rider, 2012. Lola quad 5'10" X 20" X 2.375" for sale.
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Board Art Benefit
Saturday June 9, 2012
6-10 pm. One Night Only!
Driftwood Salon art gallery
39 Isis St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(near 12th and Folsom Streets.)
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I am very excited to participate in the Board Art Benefit Show since it involves helping people, painting and surfing. When I was asked which shaper I would like to partner up with, Danny Hess, immediately came to mind. The surfboards he crafts are absolutely beautiful, I think it is very profound that all the materials are environmentally friendly as well.

The surfboard design integrates performance, strength and is constructed of sustainable and recyclable materials. I am honored to be partnering up with Danny. When we were discussing the project, we both were really excited to create not only a board that is aesthetically visually pleasing, but is also fully functional and will perform well in the ocean for its lifespan. It's also a work of art that can be hung on a wall.

The painting depicts an epic day in November '09 in San Francisco. This image best describes my memories of riding my bicycle down to the beach to surf, as well as one of epic days SF surfers all anticipate.  It is painted with several thin translucent acrylic paint layers and the last layer is an opaque layer of water soluble oil paint. It is a view looking out to the ocean over the San Francisco's Sunset neighborhood. The painting is turning point in my artwork, it blends the city and ocean together. This subject will be very relevant in my upcoming solo show since I have decided it is time to move forward with my wave paintings. More to come soon...


jodypaints said...

What a great idea, benefit, and terrific painting. The effect is terrific, "rolling down to the sea".

Unknown said...

awww man I love it!! Why isn't this hanging on my living room already??

Nice one!!