Monday, January 16, 2012

Resolve: A Group Show

American Dream, 2012
36" X 24"
oil on canvas


January 26 - February 25, 2012.

Opening reception: January 26th 6 - 9pm.

Joshua Liner Gallery
548 West 28th Street, 3rd floor,
New York, NY 10001
tel. 212.244.7415

Joshua Liner Gallery is presenting Resolve, an exhibition of 25 emerging and established artists whose work is rooted in classical art traditions and training. In rendering the figure, still life, or landscape subject, this group (22 painters, two sculptors, and one photographer) expresses a collective interest in classical art forms with a variety of distinct and decidedly contemporary voices. Resolve is organized by gallery artist Tony Curanaj and features -

Steven Assael, Shawn Barber, Kim Cogan, Jacob Collins, Tony Curanaj, Christopher Gallego, Michael Grimaldi, Jefferson Hayman, David Kassan, Kris Kuksi, Brad Kunkle, Rob Leecock, Kate Lehman, Kris Lewis, Jeremy Mann, Edward Minoff, Lee Misenheimer, Graydon Parrish, Jacob A. Pfeiffer, Travis Schlaht, Shawn Smith, Dan Thompson, Scott Waddell, Anthony Waichulis, Will Wilson

“This exhibition of colleagues and influences reflects a relatively narrow but varied slice of the art world, and presents it to an audience that may not be exposed to this segment of contemporary art practice. The title Resolve speaks of their determination and progression, qualities that imbue each of these works with beauty and technical virtuosity. From concept to execution, these contemporary masters of their craft are completely engaged in the artist’s process and an artistic direction that is unwavering, regardless of fashion or trend.”

- Tony Curanaj, Curator/Artist.

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jodypaints said...

"American Dream", great design, great feel to this painting, conveys quiet yet with many stories. Wonderful.